How do I increase onsite conversions?


Jo / Published on September 5, 2014

As an online retailer, your main concern will be how to get website visitors to convert.

In this day and age, with a plethora of websites likely selling the exact same product or service as you, how do you increase the likelihood of people clicking the last step in the checkout process?
Here are 3 ways to get people to click through to the last stage.
Personalised Recommendations
With the latest research, it would be impractical to not even consider personalising your web visitor’s experience. Learn from their past behaviour and the behaviour of customers who’ve also looked at the same products to recommend other products they may like.
The Retail Times reported a couple of months ago that personalisation is the most advanced in the UK, with the majority of Britons (53%) citing personalised product recommendations as clearly relevant to their purchasing habits compared to four in ten shoppers in Germany and France. 
‘Not only do recommendations fuel greater spend, they also drive repeat visits. The highest online spenders are also the most likely to respond well to recommendations. In the UK, over a quarter (26%) of consumers also said that recommendation maks would e them more likely to shop at the same retailer again.’
Facebook Integration
Integrating Facebook into your website build will help drive more traffic to your site. We all know that friends trust their peers when it comes to purchasing decisions, so if a consumer can see their friends are buying off you, you increase the likelihood of converting them into a customer as well.
If you’ve never heard of re-targeting before, it basically means targeting visitors with either ad’s or recommendations onsite and off-site with products which they have already clicked on. Re-targeting is a way to remind the customer about the product and to increase the chance of them converting into the checkout stage. This is a clever marketing tactic to generate sales by bringing back qualified customers to your site, with a recent study showing that sales increase through re-targeting by 18% when adding mobile to the mix.

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