Has eBay been Hacked? Is it safe?


Ammie / Published on September 5, 2014

On Wednesday 3rd September, there were reports of people around the world having trouble signing in to eBay and others found that their accounts and listing were deleted, causing mass panic amongst online sellers everywhere. 

This is the 11th time this year eBay’s website has come into problems.

At first in its response, eBay proceeded to shut down their customer operations as well as public access to its phone banks and completely ignored the situation. 

This was a risky move for the e-retailing giant that damages their brand reputation, as well as leaving little faith in their marketplace.

After a few hours, eBay announced that they were aware people were experiencing problems and were actively working on restoring the issue.

Since then,eBay has acknowledged the problem but not yetgiven an explanation why it happened or why the accounts were deleted in the first place.

What they do say is that it only happened to a portion of their customers and are fixing the problem but are once again, failing to inform their customers why it happened.

The biggest worry for online sellers and buyers is whether it was a hacking issue or not.

The online marketplace was involved in a hacking scandal not too long ago, along with some other big names sites where they urged all users to change their passwords.

eBay has lost millions in sales on their site aswell as PayPal due to this conflict and with this being the 11th time eBay has let down its users, will it survive as an online marketplace?

Do you think eBay should be more open with its users about its site problems?

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