Guide to Loft Conversions


Edwina / Published on July 2, 2013

If you’re a homeowner and you’re looking to increase the value of your home, there are a few areas you could look into improving. At Choiceful we are dedicated to helping you in every aspect of living, so today we’re going to give you tips on how to get a loft conversion.
• Getting a loft conversion is a perfect way of creating an extra bedroom or bathroom. The good news is that almost all homes can benefit from a loft conversion; if your home was built after 1975 then it can be added to the list. A quicker way of finding out would be to stand in your loft and see what the highest point is. As long as it’s above 2.3m, then you’re good to go.
• Think about what you want to use it for. Do you want it to be a bedroom? If so, should it have an en suite, with a shower and/or bath? These are things you should consider before consulting with your architect. 
• If you do wish to add a bathroom to your loft conversion, then you’ll have to think about the position of your staircase and the plumbing arrangements of your bathroom, too. If could prove difficult logistically, plus you need to check whether or not your boiler is capable of providing the extra heating and hot water.
• Make sure you use a contract. This ensures minimal difficulties between you and your builders if any problems arise (e.g. taking longer than it should). You can find a free contract here that can be used as an example.
• Make sure your loft conversion meets the Building Regulations! Submit your full plans to the local authority building control department so they can advise you before any work takes place.
• Get out a MasterBond warranty to protect yourself. They cost 1.5% of the contract price (in addition to Insurance Premium Tax) and will protect you against defective workmanship and materials for the first two years, and then structural defects for a further eight years 
Loft conversions are estimated to add an average of 12.5% to the selling price, so it’s definitely an improvement to consider if you’re wishing to sell your home.
Once your loft conversion is complete, you can head over to our Home and Garden section to help spruce up your new living space. If you have any tips on loft conversions you wish to share with other readers, do so on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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