Grow Your Own Dinner


Holly / Published on April 17, 2013

In the theme of selling your unwanted items in our Home and Garden section, one way to utilize your garden is to grow your own vegetables! As well as saving money on your meals, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of knowing that that came from the hard work of your own hands.
With the oncoming summer, it’s an ideal time to start sowing your vitamin-packed goods. With the help of this handy vegetable planner, it’s easy to see which seeds you should begin scattering, and when you can expect results.
Amongst the list, carrots have to be one of the most popular vegetables in the UK. Grate it onto salads, dice it up and throw into stews, roast them with your Sunday dinner… it’s a staple that is surprisingly easy to grow. They do best in loose types of soil (free from any rocks) and watering them liberally prevents the carrots from splitting.
Spinach is also a high flyer, being exceptionally high in iron. For a vegetable that can be added to salads, omelettes and soups, it’s also easy to grow and maintain! It can grow in almost any kind of soil that’s mixed well with substantial amounts of compost. They can tolerate shade and using a nitrogen-rich fertilizer sparingly throughout the season ensures maximum growth. 
Want to find out more about the easiest vegetables to grow? Check out this useful resource here. Carrot and spinach are in the top 10!
At Choiceful, we pride ourselves on having an extensive range in our Garden Centre. Whether it be gloves to protect your delicate hands when getting rid of those pesky weeds, or forks to loosen that soil, visit our page to see how we could help with your vegetable growing!
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