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Edwina / Published on April 18, 2013

Your bathroom is the room that you probably spend least time in, but its up-keep is almost the top priority compared to others in the house. A dingy place to shower is not ideal in most people’s eyes! So what could you do to spruce up your bathroom?
You’d be surprised at the difference a scrub could give to your bathroom tiles. If you’ve found that over time the grout has become mouldy, simply purchase some specialist cleaning materials and protect it with grout sealer. This stops any staining and mould growth in the future, and means less maintenance done by you.
Keep it tidy!
If you find your bathroom overloaded with multiple bottles of shampoo, shower gel, hair wax, cans of hair spray etc., a solution could be to fit in a cabinet.  Having a sole place for your products means less hassle when cleaning surfaces and the de-cluttering will make your bathroom appear bigger.
A bathroom doesn’t have to be clinical. You can add various items to personalise it. At Choiceful we have a fantastic range of add-ons you could consider. A cinnamon spice candle from our extensive candle range could instantly add warmth. Placing a plant on your window sill (it could be real or fake!) could boost the life of your bathroom and give it some well-deserved colour (especially if you have the classic white tiles installation).
If you’re stuck for ideas on what you could do to renovate your bathroom without hurting the purse strings, visit our Home and Garden section today to see what you could find. Don’t forget to visit our Pinterest page for inspiration.
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