Getting the Most Out of Twitter


Edwina / Published on March 8, 2013

Just last week we wrote about how Twitter had brought out an update for Windows Phone users, so it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are turning to them to up their game.

Twitter has a few tools they can offer in order for business owners to generate leads and connect to customers. Do you know about them?

Promoted Accounts

Twitter will often suggest accounts for users to follow according to their own interests. There used to be no sure fire way to make this happen, but now that you can promote your account, your business brand can appear in the ‘Who to Follow’ section for users who have been identified as having interests similar to yours. This service can also be geo-targeted! This serves to increase exposure which will then in turn build brand loyalty.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets simply appear at the top of your target audience’s timeline. The great thing is that they don’t even have to be a follower of yours; you decide who sees these tweets. Targeting can be based on interest and location, just like for promoted accounts. This year’s Oscars made for a busy period on Twitter, and Samsung used that to launch their Unicorn Apocalypse ad using a promoted tweet - reaching a global audience.

Promoted Trends

Trends are the hottest 10 topics globally and show up next to your timeline, getting huge exposure. By promoting a trend, it could serve to help get a company announcement out there or even kick off an online or offline event. 

Have you utilised Twitter yet?

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