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Edwina / Published on April 9, 2013

Though we’re only just in our 4th month of 2013, there are already important trends we need to see through in order to be a prominent player in the e-commerce world. Econsultancy reports that mobile is one of the key areas that should be delved into
As we said in our blog post last week, we are in an age where a mobile phone is synonymous to a limb for a lot of people. When this handheld device can perform the tasks of a computer, GPS Sat Nav system, camera, media player (and more), it’s not surprising that your average Joe is hard-pressed to find reasons why he should use any other devices. 
With this sort of usage, it is essential that e-commerce sites tap into this platform in order to cover all bases, and ultimately increase sales. eMarketer reported that the percentage of those browsing on mobile is on the increase, so optimizing your mobile site it beneficial to those who are less desktop inclined.
It doesn’t take much for a consumer to be put off by poor user experience, so it’s essential you ensure your ‘m-commerce’ site is optimized across various operating systems. The first step is to appeal to the consumer in a visual way. They don’t want be scrolling downwards or sidewards whenever they’re reading a sentence. These website designs here good examples because they only offer the essentials; they don’t clutter the user’s screen. This applies to navigation too; so you may need to compromise on which options are most important. 
Though 4G has now been introduced, it’s still important you take speed into account. Keeping graphics as small as possible will ensure loading time is kept to a minimum, and you don’t lose the consumer through impatience. Recognising returning customers with autofill payment fields and minimising keystrokes gives the consumer a reason to stay. They’ll be more tempted by a sale by simply being able to hit ‘Buy’.  
Is your e-commerce site optimised for mobile? Did you come across any difficulties when  redesigning to enhance usability? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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