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Jacqueline / Published on June 20, 2013

Whether you’re really into gardening, fiddling with the latest technology or a bit of both, you’ll love what we have in store for you today. Here at Choiceful, we love to bring you tips and helpful advice to help you tend to your garden and keep on top of everything in the home.
Today however, we’re looking at the latest gadgets that have been designed to help those with green fingers to tend to their gardens more easily. 
While it may sound a bit unrealistic and forward-thinking to imagine a houseplant requesting for water via Twitter, there has recently been a lot of investment into developing tools to aid our care for all things natural.
The VegiBee came to fruition after a St. Louis (USA) resident suffered from a poor tomato yield. Mr Whaley determined that the problem was a lack of pollination and as such, wished to improve on the work done by the bees.
The VegiBee works by emitting 44,000 vibrations a minute, which shake the pollen into the plastic spoon (that comes with the product). The gardener then has to dip the female part of another flower into the pollen. Doing this for all plants, whilst it may seem time consuming, has definitely worked for Mr Whaley who reported an increased harvest by 38 per cent.
If you’re a keen green-fingered gardener but you don’t always have the time to let nature work its magic, you may wish to invest in some garden gadgetry to give nature a bit of a helping hand.
Browse our garden centre and you will find everything you need to keep on top of your garden care and maintenance this summer, from watering cans and hoses, through to various types of soil, sand and compost.
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Happy gardening with Choiceful!

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