Gadgets for Your Pets in the Home and Garden


Edwina / Published on June 12, 2013

Household pets can often carry the same status as a human, so it comes as no surprise that owners are willing to fork out, sometimes a lot of, cash for their wellbeing and even entertainment.
Now that summer is in full force, you might want to consider how the rising temperatures must be affecting your pet, especially if they’ve got a full coat of fur. The guys over at Climate Right had thought about this too, which is why they brought out the CR-5000. As well as cooling on a hot day, it purifies and dehumidifies the air. Because dogs can’t cool themselves like we do, it puts them in a more vulnerable position for problems like heat stroke, so a gadget like this ensures their temperatures are regulated.
Having a pet that’s healthy is what all owners want, and with the new iPhone app, Whistle, you can monitor how much your pet plays, runs, sleeps and eats. The monitor can be worn on their collar and their exercise levels are assessed, and then compared with levels of the same breed. By keeping an eye on your pet’s activities, it enables you to detect any medical problems early. 
If your breed of pet has the tendency to leave hair on your sofa and on that jumper you accidentally left lying around, Dog Watch may be the answer for you. They’ve developed technology to keep them away from your chosen areas. These “indoor pet fences” work by emitting a harmless, noiseless FM radio signal that serves to control where your pet roams. Now you don’t have to erect unsightly gates or raise your voice at them when you want them to stay away from the bedrooms.
At Choiceful, we strive to bring you what you need in your Home and Garden. Our extensive Pet Care section also carries a variety of items for all your pet care needs.
Are you aware of any other technology that could be useful for pets around the home and garden? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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