Flower Power


Jacqueline / Published on June 27, 2013

If you long to be able to successfully grow flowers and plants, whether indoors or outdoors, but each time you try, you’re left with disappointing results, you’ll need the help of the Flower Power gadget. Designed specifically for those who tend to be unfortunate with their green-fingered abilities, Flower Power has been dubbed “the most advanced plant sensor”. Here, Choiceful investigates.
Part of Flower Power’s appeal is the fact that it is linked to smartphone software – and what person goes anywhere without their smartphone glued to their hand nowadays? Exactly. So what is Flower Power? It comprises two pronged gadgets which are to be placed into your plant pot or flower bed – these gadgets then measure the plant in question’s critical statistics and transmit the data via Bluetooth to your smartphone device, namely, your Flower Power app.
You’ll receive information about soil moisture, humidity, sun exposure, temperature and fertiliser. And the best thing? Your Flower Power app will alert you when something is awry so you can quickly solve the problem and give your plants the best chance of healthy growth.
It sounds useful doesn’t it? Of course, in order to be able to sue this app, you’ll need to start planting your flowers. Check out Choiceful.com’s garden centre to get your hands on all of the flower growing equipment required, from plant pots and compost through to watering cans and weed killer.
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