Feng Shui Your Home


Abigail / Published on September 10, 2013

In China, the principle of Feng Shui is a must in every home. It’s all to do with the layout of the rooms in your home in order to create positive energy and harmony. It is thought that this will extend to your life, so if your home has good Feng Shui, your life will have positive outcomes.
Let’s take a look at how you can introduce the concept of Feng Shui into your home.
Smooth, clear energy flow to the front door
The path leading up to your front door should be clear. Any obstacle that stands in the way, such as a tree, muddy shoes, or your recycling bin, will have a negative impact on the energy flow. It’s also important to take good care of your front door and keep it well maintained. If your door is South facing, you should use one of the Fire element colours – red, yellow, orange for example. The Feng Shui element for North facing doors is water, which gives you the option of painting it blue or black to create the best energy flow.


Feng Shui your bedroom

One of the easiest ways to create harmony and positive chi in your bedroom is to de-clutter it. You know what they say; a clear space gives a clear mind. Go through all of the clutter in your bedroom and give it a good tidy. Throw out items you no longer want to keep and buy storage boxes for the rest. Another way to create positive energy is to introduce symmetry into your bedroom. Choose matching bedside tables and lamps and make sure that your bed linen complements the colour scheme of your room.



Feng Shui your living room

Your living room should be light, bright and airy. There should be a strong focus on moving away from Yin and toward Yang to stimulate a sense of liveliness. You may be aware that the position of your furniture can contribute positively toward creating better Yang. Move your living room furniture to the edges of the room to allow the chi to flow easily. Introduce a strong focal point – a fireplace is the perfect focal feature. Hanging a picture of flowers above it will increase the positive energy. Finally, bringing a little bit of nature into your living room will instil a sense of calm and tranquillity. Get your hands on an indoor plant – green is a positive colour.

Have you got any tips for creating Feng Shui? For more global interior design ideas, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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