End of Windows XP is Unwelcome News for Businesses


Holly / Published on April 8, 2013

Just one year from now, it has been announced that Microsoft will cease to offer technical support for Windows XP. The problem is that many businesses have not made adequate plans to move to a newer system.
A report in the Telegraph states that firms who are still using Windows XP beyond April 8th 2014 are at risk of becoming victims of cyber-attacks, due to the fact that Microsoft will stop releasing security updates.
According to software management company Camwood, fewer than half of all large organisations have started to migrate from XP to Windows 7.
A separate survey by 1E, an IT specialist, found that less than one in four companies had made the switch to the new Windows 7 operating system at the end of last year.
Sumir Karayi, CEO at 1E, said: “The message is loud and clear – organisations that are not yet off the starting blocks or only a little way down the track are highly unlikely to complete before the Microsoft deadline”.
If your business wishes to switch from XP to Windows 7, Microsoft recommends that you prepare 18 to 32 months beforehand.
Some of the main reasons that have been cited as to why companies have not yet made the switch to Windows 7 include, awaiting permission from management, cost, and concern about the process.
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