Dress Your Property To Impress


Jacqueline / Published on July 22, 2013

If you are a buy-to-let landlord, we’re here to let you in to a few in-trade secrets to help you sell that property faster. The main thing to remember before you show anybody around your prospective property is that first impressions count. For that reason you should always ensure that the property looks its very best for all viewings.
Here are some tips to dress your property to impress.
Make an effort
Nowadays, more and more people are looking for properties to rent out long-term. With many unable to afford to buy a house, the choice boils down to living at home with the parents or finding somewhere within budget to rent. That doesn’t mean however that you can afford to be lax on the cleanliness of the property. After all, why would anyone want to pay rent for somewhere that is dirty, old and crumbling? Faced with that prospect, your would-be tenants are likely to go back to living with mum and dad for free.
Paying close attention to presentation will not only ensure that you get the best rent for your property, but also, you’re more likely to guarantee a quick let out too.
Feature wall
The majority of rental properties are painted in a neutral white or cream. This is not only to keep costs to a minimum for landlords but also to allow the people renting to put their own stamp on the place. However, by introducing one painted or featured wall, the property will stand out against a sea of other blank canvases. What’s more, it will look as though you’ve made more of an effort which says a lot about you as a landlord.
Dress the bed
An unmade bed and a scratched wardrobe in the corner will be reminiscent of student times for most. Make the bed and dress it up with a fancy throw and cushions. Make the place look like people currently live there – this will make it easier for your would-be tenants to imagine themselves living there and thus you’re more likely to get an acceptance. So make sure there is a mirror in the bathroom, clean fluffy towels are laid out and that the kitchen is well equipped with the usual appliances and accessories.
Maintain the property
If there are currently no tenants in the property, be sure to open windows to give the flat a good airing well before the viewers arrive. Switch on lights to make the place feel homely, and the heating in winter. Make sure windows are clean and that the grass is cut neatly.
You will find a myriad of household cleaning products on Choiceful.com’s home and garden section; these will help you to clean that property up in no time. Check out our many accessories for homes in our bathroom and kitchen sections – going that extra mile will secure you tenants faster.
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