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Edwina / Published on May 1, 2013

In addition to the ways we mentioned you could utilise your garden – growing your own vegetables, picnics and garden parties, you could also give it a rainbow of colour by growing plants. Now that summer is on the horizon, it is peak time to be prepare your garden for a flourish of shades.
Start off your growing with giants: sunflowers. Though it’s a big contributor in terms of colour, they are very easy to grow, just find them a sunny patch and there’ll be shooting up in no time. Make sure you give them enough room though, otherwise they won’t grow to their full potential.
In addition to giving your garden a wonderful lilac blush, growing sweet peas will fill the air with a lovely scent, too. They can be started off in a variety of ways, either in pots or directly into the ground. The great thing about sweet peas is that cutting flowers will encourage more to grow, giving the chance for fresh cut flowers to be a regular visitor in your home.
To add to the colour wheel, give your garden a golden glow with the help of California poppies (which actually come in an array of colours: scarlet, red, bright orange, white and cream. You are truly spoilt for choice!). Just sow them straight into your garden (moving them from a pot may slow growth) and see them blossom before your eyes. The great thing about California poppies is that they are drought tolerant so you don’t have to fret too much about watering them!  
Before you do all this, don’t forget to visit our Garden Centre for your accessories like gardening gloves, trowels and plant care products. 
If you have any experience of growing flowers in the past and want to share your wisdom, don’t be shy – share your tips on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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