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Aimee / Published on February 13, 2013

The whole point of having an online business is to sell your products, right? But, how do you begin to sell more? believes that sellers should be able to sell many products and should be able to do so easily. That’s why we offer the option to upload a number of products in one go rather than having to list items one by one like other marketplaces.
With so many different categories like home and garden and beauty on, sellers have the option of listing products in all of the pre-set up locations. This frees up sellers valuable time which they can then invest in other areas of their business.
Selling more products is easier and more beneficial as it’s completely free to list items and sellers can list unlimited items!
Make Me an Offer™ allows customers to offer sellers prices for a product as well as negotiate a deal for more than one of the product, which increases sales and provides a more traditional marketplace approach to buying and selling where in the real world, people often bargain down the price of goods.
Also, by not competing with our sellers leaves the opportunity for them to sell more.
We promote our site via a number of channels and the more we promote it, the more consumers will be driven to our sellers products. With accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn we are able to reach a large customer base and bring them to
We love to hear from our sellers and customers - are there any other ways we can help sellers sell more?

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