Buying in the Right Location


Edwina / Published on July 17, 2013

Buying a property in the best location possible gives ultimate peace of mind – but if you’re unfamiliar with the area, how do you know what to look out for?
An abundance of bars, restaurants and coffee shops are an indicator of liveliness, though be aware that property prices are likely to reflect this - it might be the case of you compromising on property size or a garden.
Surrounding areas
Even though a property in your dream location might be unaffordable, do consider ones in the surrounding areas. As these are on the edges of a highly desirable location, it’s likely they’ll become sought-after, too.
Transport links
Scout the area for developments of new transport links. This means investment is being put on that area, and more transport options makes for a more desired place to live. 
Street life
Even though a property in a central location is desired, a busy street with lots of cars and people can prove to be annoying. Looking for a property just on the edge of the hustle and bustle will pay off in the future.
Potential planning issues
Find out about planning applications and things such as education facilities before considering a property. You want to avoid buying somewhere that’s going to have a petrol station a few doors down due to unsightliness, so visit your local authority to make sure this doesn’t happen.
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