Billy Joels Home - Copy The Look


Jaqueline / Published on August 9, 2013

This week we’ve been focussing on celebrity homes, taking a peek at the fabulous property of the rich and famous, and even uncovering which homes are for sale. Today however, we’ve decided to feature just one celebrity home and show you how you can copy the look with your own property.
Billy Joel’s home is located on La Gorce Island and from the outside at least, looks more like a luxury hotel upon first glance. With 150 feet of water frontage and over 8,000 feet of living space, this mansion is truly magnificent. Here is how you can recreate the exterior with your garden.
Plants and shrubbery
If you live in the UK, you may not be able to plant anything as exotic as palm trees in your garden, as the weather is simply not hot enough. However, you can still create a luscious luxury feel by planting colourful hanging baskets and displaying shrubbery and foliage in terracotta pots dotted around the patio.
If like Billy Joel, you’d rather pave over the grass (useful if you’re not very green fingered), then you must first ensure that you spray a weed killer to get rid of any lurking weeds. Consider installing a patio heater and some outdoor lighting - this will enable you to enjoy your garden, whatever the season.
We have a large range of outdoor seating to suit your requirements. Make your garden chairs comfier by placing cushions on them, while tables will allow you to eat outside comfortably.
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