Bank Holiday DIY


Jacqueline / Published on May 3, 2013

Many people save their DIY jobs for longer weekends such as the one that’s about to commence. As a nation, we’re often so busy and rushed off our feet, that by the time we get round to doing any kind of home improvement job, it’s usually a fair while after we initially intended to complete it.
But this weekend is different because it’s three days long; three whole days. That means you have an extra day on top of the usual weekend during which to complete your household jobs.
There’s no excuse not to do the work, especially considering’s marketplace has a wide variety of DIY tools and equipment. So if you’re planning to give your bedroom a makeover this weekend with a fresh lick of paint, take a look at the huge range of paint for sale on The way it works is simple – you search for the tools you need, purchase them for a great price, and the online seller gets a bit of extra money to spend this weekend. 
We’ve got everything from primers and undercoats, trade and household paints, and wood stain and varnish. We also stock a variety of strippers, removers and thinners, so preparing your walls and wood for painting has never been easier.
And for those in need of a new set of paint brushes, you’ll find a wide selection listed under our decorating and painting section.
If you are planning to do a painting job in your home this weekend, be sure to keep the room well ventilated by opening all of the windows, and make sure each coat is dry before attempting a second or third.
Do you have any tips for painting and decorating? We’d love to hear them – post them on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
Happy Bank Holiday weekend everyone.

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