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Edwina / Published on June 18, 2013

Yesterday we spoke about the best apps you could use for growing vegetables, so today we’re going to provide more focus for you avid gardeners that like to grow for aesthetics rather than produce. Without further ado:
Garden Pilot
If you’re stuck for ideas for what to plant, then Garden Pilot acts as a helpful guide. It has a directory of over 14,000 plants along with articles covering topics such as plant diseases, fertilisers, organic gardening and eco-friendly ideas. Perfect for the indecisive folk!
The Plant Doctor
Once you’ve chosen which seeds to sow, it’s important that you maintain care for your plant to ensure it reaches its maximum potential. The Plant Doctor is a free app that lists the most common plant ailments so that you can get to the bottom of it promptly. However, if your problem doesn’t seem to be addressed in the app, you can fill out a form to be sent to the plant pathologist for diagnosis and treatment options for a small fee.
Sprout It
This app is perfect for new gardeners. It helps you determine when is the best time to plant based on local weather conditions, to give your flowers the best possible head start. 
Before you go downloading these apps though, be sure to check out our Garden Centre for all the tools you could need for gardening, be it forks, gardening gloves, power tools plus more.
Do you know of any apps that would be useful for the budding gardener? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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