Apps for the Garden Landscaper


Edwina / Published on June 19, 2013

In keeping with the theme of using apps to help your gardening exploits, today at Choiceful we’re going to talk about what apps you could use to help with your garden landscaping. With these, it’ll make sitting out in your garden much more of an aesthetically pleasing activity. 
Landscaper’s Companion
This app contains a vast amount of information for gardeners of any level. It can tell you about more than 1,400 plants over 16 categories, with 5,700 photos for visual reference. Ideal for when you’re planning your garden, or perhaps identifying an unknown species.
Eden Garden Designer
Want to know what your planned garden could look like with some love and care? This app lets you drag and drop various types of plants into an empty garden and as it’s organised by blooming season, zone, type and more, it helps gives you a more realistic preview. That, or you could plan your ultimate fantasy garden!
Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder
This app is useful for if you’re landscaping on a large scale. Seen as being one of the best references available for amateur and professional landscapers, it enables you to filter through 72 criteria, meaning finding the right plant for your climate should be straightforward. You’ll be able to find a detailed database of trees, shrubs, vines plus more. It’s based on Michael Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.
Be sure to get your gardening gloves, power tools, hoes plus more from our Garden Centre before you start your ventures.
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