An Introduction to Balcony Furniture


Edwina / Published on May 14, 2013

Now that the weather has given you permission to use your balcony again, it’s time to think about dressing it up for those hazy summer evenings where you can just put your feet up, and enjoy the sunset.
Yesterday we spoke of getting green fingered to give your balcony a flourish of colour, but what about some furniture so that you can rest on? 
If your balcony is small, you needn’t worry about space. Opting for a reclining chair gives you the option of sitting or napping for while you doze off in the summer heat. You could also decide to go for outdoor furniture sets that are specifically designed to suit small spaces. Bistro sets will normally include a small table and two chairs and come in metal, wood or rattan.
As an alternative to chairs, you could use cushions to line the floor to give a more informal feel to your balcony. Of course this could also call for some DIY. Why buy cushion covers when you could make your own?  This has the added benefit of allowing more guests into your balcony space. As they say, the more the merrier!
At Choiceful we are always keen to help you in your creative endeavours, so why not visit our Home and Garden section to bring a start in giving your balcony a bold makeover.
We love sharing ideas here, so if you’ve decorated your balcony in the past and would like to pass on wisdom, share thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter.

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