Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bedroom


Edwina / Published on August 27, 2013

The bedroom is to many of us our haven, our retreat from the outside world. It’s where we can truly relax after a hard day’s work and recharge our batteries, ready for a fresh new day tomorrow – so why not make it as luxurious as possible?  Here are our tips on how to do this:
Make your bed the focal point
This is your bedroom, and so making your bed the focal point is essential. The position of the bed should be the direction you enjoy sleeping and waking up to. Do you like being woken up naturally by sunlight? If so then a bed facing the window is perfect for you. Picking the best position for your bed will ensure ultimate relaxation.
Make use of scents
Create bliss by lighting incense sticks and oils, the pleasant aroma will serve to further reduce stress. Opening up your windows and letting fresh air flow through will get rid of any stagnant smells. We’ve got an enticing range of scented candles in our Home and Garden range.
Lights in a bedroom should be soft so avoid overuse of ceiling lights. Opt for side lamps to give your room a welcoming glow; oversized floor lamps are a good choice. Why not take a look at the lamps we can offer?
Nature inspired colours prove the most relaxing. Moss greens, sandy browns and sea water blues will surely allow the human body to unwind. Be sure to maintain these colours in your bathroom, too.
Get some inspiration for decorating your luxury bedroom by checking out our Home and Garden section. Do you have any tips to share on how to make your bedroom look more luxurious? If so, head over to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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