A Smartphone Screen Controlled by the Eye...it can only be the New Samsung Galaxy S4


Holly / Published on March 18, 2013

Just last week we wrote about the on-going battle between smartphone giants Apple and Samsung. But with the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 on 14th March, are we about to see a new favourite in the smartphone collection?
The most amazing feature of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 is that it allows users to control its 5in screen using only their eyes. Using “Smart pause”, the user can pause a video simply by looking away from the screen. What’s more, the “Smart Scroll” software analyses the user’s eyes and wrist to scroll through emails and other content.
Telecoms expert Ernest Doku from uSwitch.com told BBC News, “The debut of nifty eye motion-sensitive controls to allow users to pause video and scroll through pages using eye movements alone is smart.
For commuters crammed in trains – or just those who love a bit of futuristic tech that makes their lives easier – this novel feature will really help the Galaxy S4 to stand out.”
It’s thought that sales of the Galaxy S4 will exceed the impressive figures of last year’s S3 model, which sold over 40 million units worldwide, with analysts widely regarding Samsung to be the biggest challenger to Apple’s dominance of mobile products.
So what do you think – are you hoping to be one of the first to own the new Galaxy S4 when it’s released at the end April? Or are you a firm fan of Apple?
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