A simple way to solve your debt concerns without payday loans


Aimee / Published on January 22, 2013

Are you guilty of spending your monthly wage just a few short days after it hits your bank account? If this happens to you pretty much every month, don’t fret!
With Choiceful, you can sell your unwanted items and boost your bank balance with some handy cash to keep you going until the end of the month.
Over the weekend, look thoroughly through your home and garden, and be stringent with what you need and what you don’t. 
If you haven’t used it for over 3 months, we think that’s a sign it’s time to either get rid, or sell it!
Our easy-to-use website means its fast to upload your products, so you could be earning within a matter of hours.
What’s more, it’s complete free to list your products on Choiceful and we only take a fixed rate of 5% commission, which is great for you as a seller, especially when you compare it with our competitors like eBay, who charge much higher commission costs.
Another advantage of using Choiceful is that you can sell absolutely anything on our Marketplace, so if you can’t see your product listed, just create your own. 
Just remember to add a high quality image of the products you’re selling as images are often the most important feature which persuade buyers to purchase from you.
So, don’t be down in the dumps this January – sell your products on Choiceful.com and watch your bank balance soar!

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