A Peek Inside Some of the Most Enviable Celebrity Bedrooms


Edwina / Published on August 14, 2013

The room we tend to have most pride in is our bedrooms. It is the room we can exclusively call our own; it is our haven and where we relax. In this blog post we take a look at celebrity bedrooms that’ll have us brimming with jealousy.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

The star-studded Hollywood pair have given their bedroom a warm ambiance by giving their walls dark orange licks of paint. They’ve added to the chilled out atmosphere by placing big cushions on floors and dotting pots of flowers around the room. Like Will and Jada, you could add character to your bedroom by adding a large rug underneath your furniture from our rugs and mats section, or get your hands on a fresh bunch of flowers and pop them into one of our vases. (Pictured Above)



Will Ferrell

Much-loved comedian Will Ferrell has a bedroom that perhaps doesn’t reflect his usual on-screen character, loud and exploding with character. It’s sophisticated with its part-minimal nature and grey hues, yet is nonetheless welcoming. Take inspiration from Will’s bedroom and perhaps give yours a steel-inspired lick of paint from our decorating and painting section here.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer, or Rachel as we’ve come to known her (for those of you who followed the TV show ‘Friends’), has a bedroom that combines features of the previous two we’ve showcased. It’s minimal in its furnishings, yet warm in its colours. It features a thick carpet which is the first go-to when aiming to up the cosy-levels, and two large lamps with orange shades to throw out glowing light, perhaps mimicking a summer’s glow. Check out lamps in our lighting section to replicate Jennifer’s cosy mood.

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