A Guide to Buying a Conservatory


Edwina / Published on July 3, 2013

On the topic of improving and therefore increasing the value of your home, at Choiceful today we’re going to be giving you advice on buying a conservatory. It is versatile in its uses; it can either be a new dining room, children’s playroom, study… anything you want it to.
Before purchasing, you should think about the practical details, such as where your conservatory will face. It facing east will ensure morning sunshine, whereas west will bring in evening warmth. After considering size, do find out if you need planning permission to go ahead. A reputable conservatory company should advise you on this.
There are many styles of conservatories you can go for:
This is the most traditional style and given its shape, makes for a perfect dining/sun lounging room. The Victorian model is a three sided design and has a 25-degree pitched roof. From the name, you can guess that it compliments a Victorian property but of course it’s a beautiful addition to any home – adding elegancy and individuality.
This style makes the most of your floor space and offers a large, airy space which would be ideal for entertaining guests. Due to its timeless appearance, it blends well with old and new properties. Like the Victorian, it has three sides and the roof is pitched at 25 degrees.
This is ideal for giving your outdoor areas shelter. They can have glass wall frames to bring in maximum light, or both glass and brick if you’d prefer more privacy and more solid protection from the wind. It is the most modern design available, giving your living space a contemporary feel.
Whether it’s a dining room, chill out room or study, be sure to visit our Home and Garden section to kit out your new conservatory. Do you have any tips for other readers who wish to buy a conservatory? Share them on our Facebook and Twitter!

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