6 Tips For Making Your Home Cosy AND Modern


Emma / Published on December 8, 2013

As the weather gets colder, who doesn’t yearn for a cosy warm home?

But if you’re into the modern look, it can sometimes be hard to get your home looking cosy, without comprising the style.

So here are 6 ways you can achieve the perfect home this winter.

1. Be a Clutter Buster

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a sofa with a pile of junk on or a frustratingly messy coffee table.  Stylish, compact shelving is a quick and easy way to beat the clutter. Add a tasteful plant pot or chic photo frame to give your living room that modern edge.



2. It's all About Lighting

Lighting creates atmosphere and sets the tone for those cosy evenings hiding from the cold.  Choose a floor lamp that has an amber shade to make your home feel warm and look trendy.



3. Large Floors Mirrors Make a Big Difference

Decorate with ornate floor mirrors to reflect light and create a feeling of spaciousness.  Find some real gems in charity shops and flea markets for that modern shabby chic look, as this goes well with a cosy room.



4. Lots and Lots of Cushions

Not only do cushions make a room look cosy and comfortable, they can really tia design together by introducing complementary or accent colours.



5. Candles Add a Romantic Touch

There aren’t many things cosier than the warm inviting glow of candlelight.  Forget dusty old candles in a recycled wine bottle, welcome the 21st century burning the candle at both ends with a sharp, smart candle stick holder.


6. Add Fur Throws

There is nothing more cosy than a fur throw. They are also ultra modern – you can see them often in The Kardashians programme in their home! Buy a few different throws in a variety of shades to go with your colour theme. You will no doubt look forward to coming home from work and wrapping yourself up in them!



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