5 Unusual Interior Design Ideas For Your Living Room


Emma / Published on November 22, 2013

Do you need some inspiration for your living room interior design? Look no further!

Living rooms can quickly become out-dated and boring, so here are 5 unusual interior design ideas to kick-start your imagination!


1. Have a Mezzanine

Create a completely different dynamic by having a mezzanine in your living room. It will instantly make any living room more interesting and fun!


2. Go Bohemian

With a bohemian style, you can literally do anything you want with your living room’s interior design. If the idea of a totally bohemian room is a little scary, perhaps just take inspiration from the brick wall. Painted brick walls are great because not everyone has them!



3. Unique Seating Area

Make the seating area a focal point by creating another level for your sofas and chairs.



4. The Stone Effect

If you want something truly special, go for a stone wall for your living room’s interior design. The texture and look of a stone wall adds distinct character to any home.

Which one of these ideas are your favourite for your living room’s interior design?



5. 3D Wallpaper

Changing the design of your living room doesn’t need to be expensive or time-consuming. Simply choosing 3D wallpaper can turn a boring living room into a visually appealing one effortlessly.



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