5 Simple Steps to Training your Cat


Jamie / Published on November 22, 2013

How do I train my cat, you may wonder?

Cats can be harder to train than dogs because they are less motivated by food and affection, and it may seem impossible but there are ways to get your cat house-trained.

Here are 5 steps you should take in order to train your cat.

1. Buy a litter tray

Buy your cat a litter tray so it has a designated place to poop. Cats prefer open spaces so buy one that doesn’t have a cover. Place the box somewhere quiet and relaxing so the cat feels comfortable using it. 

2. Introduce your cat to the litter box

Let your cat get used to the feel and smell of the litter box by placing him/her in it. They may not like it at first but they will get used to it if you persevere with it!

3. Feed your cat at the same time

If you feed your cat at the same time, you will know when to roughly expect it to need to use the litter tray.  Take your cat to the litter box when you think he/she may need to go. Your cat will get used to this routine and learn to use the litter tray on its own.

4. Praise your cat – don’t punish

Don’t punish your cat when it doesn’t use its litter tray. Instead, praise it when it does! Stroke your cat and make gentle encouraging noises when your cat uses the litter tray. Positive reinforcement works best!

5. Clean out the litter tray every couple of days

Cats are clean animals and they won’t want to use their litter tray if it’s dirty. Make sure you clean out the litter tray regularly to encourage your cat to use it.

We hope these tips help you understand how to train cats and remember that persistence is key!

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