5 Quick Reasons to Choose Choiceful as Your Online Marketplace


James / Published on November 22, 2013

We thought it’s time to help you choose the right online marketplace to sell your products.

eBay and Amazon may spring to mind first, but check out these 5 reasons why you should sell via Choiceful’s online marketplace.

1. It’s free to list - Unlike other marketplaces, it’s completely free to list anything and everything on Choiceful!

2. It’s cheaper to sell than the industry average - Choiceful only charges 5% once a final sale has been made, unlike the industry average of 15%.

3. Easy price negotiation - Sellers can increase the likelihood of sales by taking advantage of Choiceful’s ‘Make me an Offer’ feature where buyers can negotiate the price by making the seller an offer.

4. Multiple product uploads - Choiceful has a very useful bulk-upload tool, saving you time and enabling you to earn money quicker.

5. No undercutting sellers - Some online marketplaces monitor sales on their site to see what is selling well and sell the product themselves at a lower price. Choiceful have a commitment to its online sellers and promise to never undercut sellers.

There are plenty of benefits of selling on Choiceful, so why not register today as a seller and start earning some money fast?

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