3 Things You Should Never Do Whilst Gardening This Winter


James / Published on November 22, 2013

Gardening is a great hobby, as well as giving you a beautiful garden that you can be proud of when you bring guests over.

But sometimes you can get a little enthusiastic when gardening and things can go wrong very quickly!

So take heed of these things you should avoid whilst gardening.

1. Buying Plants with No Knowledge

It may be tempting to buy every plant you love the look of but you need to look into the practicality of gardening these plants.

If you see something you love, read the information provided. Most plant containers will give you important information like how big the plant will grow, how much sun it needs to survive and how frequently you will need to water it.

If there is no information, use your mobile to Google it or ask the staff – they are there to help you!

2. Gardening Without the Right Equipment

Gardening in the winter can sometimes feel like a bit of an arduous task so make sure you have the right equipment to make things easier on yourself.

If you don’t use gloves or pads for your knees whilst weeding, gardening can become a painful hobby and lead to you messing up your garden due to haste. 

Weeds can irritate your hands and if you end up with lots of cuts, you will end up likely to weed less regularly.

3. Buying Tropical Plants that will Die in the Cold

Garden centres are the ones to blame for this one really, but many places in the UK stock themselves up with exotic plants such as Chinese hibiscus, mandevilla vines, passion vines, and princess flower in full bloom. 

These plants just won’t survive in the winter, so make sure you do your research before buying one of these beauties.

However, one way around this is to have them as a house plant, otherwise the cold frost will sadly kill them.

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