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Edwina / Published on June 11, 2013

In this generation where technology is advancing day by day, there are frequent announcements of products and services that offer to make our lives easier. 
Just last month, New York-based startup Bitponics deemed unpredictable weather an issue of the past. It utilises the technology of hydroponics – the process of growing plants not in soil, but in sand, gravel or liquid with added nutrients. Despite its relatively unknown nature, it is widely used in farming. Partnering up with current hydroponics systems, it is especially advantageous in urban living areas where space is limited as you can use it indoors, bringing in a much higher yield. It’s an automated system that monitors your plant’s pH levels, temperature, and humidity and then notifies you by text or email when nutrients needed to be added or the water needs changing. With an online community, Bitponics co-founder Michael Doherty says users can share tips for specific plants, and hopes that one day there’ll be a library where information could be found about any species.
Similarly, Botanicalls developed a sensor that measured the moisture levels in the soil of your plant. It is sometimes difficult to assess by the naked eye whether or not your plant needs watering – and overwatering could potentially kill your plant. With this sensor, you’ll know exactly when to water your plant with its “Water me, please” alert. 
Easy Gardener brought out an environmentally friendly pest controller – a realistic looking owl. With its sensors that can detect when pests are near and turn its head and hoot, the Garden Defence Owl can lend a helping hand when you’ve got your feet up in front of the television.
These are just a few of the tools that exist to make gardening easier, hopefully opening up the hobby to more people. At Choiceful, we strive to bring you the best advice that can be coupled with our products in the Home and Garden section plus more.
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