Five things you should avoid when selling online


Aimee / Published on January 29, 2013

We’ve written posts about how to be a successful seller, but we haven’t yet given you advice on what to avoid as a seller on
So, here are five golden rules that all sellers should bear in mind when they list products on Choiceful’s marketplace:
1. Do not lie: It’s important that you never lie when you sell products on Choiceful. If something is not in perfect working condition, don’t say that it is. Neglecting to mention scratches or chipped mugs is the same as lying. Never list something as new when it is used.
Lying to customers will only result in negative feedback, which can be really damaging to your reputation as a seller, and make it more likely that you’ll lose out on business to other sellers.
It takes hundreds of positive feedback to recover from the damaging effects of just one negative rating.
2. Mail your items on time: Once a customer has paid for your product, you should post it to them as soon as possible. As a seller, it’s your responsibility to send goods out within the promised time frame.
Use a cheap and reliable parcel delivery service to ensure your customer’s satisfaction and increase the chance that they’ll buy from you again.
3. Consider your item’s ending time: Ending an item when everyone’s at work or asleep is unwise, and could leave you with no bids.
It’s vital to end your items at a time when people are most likely to be in front of their computer. Sunday evening is usually the best time to end a listing.
4. Answer questions rapidly: Whilst you may find it time-consuming to answer member’s questions, you have to remember that they are potential buyers.
As a seller, you’re providing a service to buyers and in the world of customer service, the customer is king.
5. Discounts are good negotiating tools: If a customer isn’t 100 per cent happy about a purchase, you could offer them a special discount. Offering discounts or allowing your customers to negotiate a price that they’re happy to pay for your products helps to instil customer loyalty.
Use our handy Make Me an Offer feature to show customers that you’re keen on providing the best service possible.
It’s easy to become a seller on Choiceful, so if you have a set of unused pretty painted teacups in your kitchen cupboards, or a set of gardening tools gathering dust in your shed, make sure to list them under our home and garden category, in order to target the right customers.
If you do decide to become a seller, it’s important to build a good reputation – remember, just one negative piece of feedback can set you back and lose you valuable custom.

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